Buying a home without losing your shirt!

Home Buying Class

Information packed and fast paced, this is the best home buying class in Ann Arbor.

Class Topics Include:

1. The "big picture" view of home buying. (You can be confident about the biggest investment of your life.)

2. Step by Step who you will need to talk to and when.

3. How to avoid the trap that 80% of new home buyers walk into. (This knowledge just saved a buyer about $6,000.00.)

4. How to breakthrough the complicated mortgage mumbo-jumbo and determine the best mortgage value for you. (We show examples, good and bad.)

5. What to look for in a home on your first visit. (It is easy to get distracted, you want to focus.)

6. How to critically choose a real estate agent. (You may be shocked with what you learn here.)

7. Introductions to important contacts. (It is not just what you know, it is also who you know.)

8. How to objectively evaluate homes.

9. Where to have fun during house buying. (It really can be fun, challenging, but fun.)

You will receive FREE:

1. A credit Report and private review.

2. $25.00 toward your choice of home buying books from Nicola's Books or Borders.

3. Color home buying chart & flow plan.

4. Instant mortgage payment cheat sheet.

5. Certificate for a free pre-approval with a mortgage lender.

Monday September 9th, 7:00 to 8:30 The class is free but pre-registration is recommended. If you don't pre-register seating is first come first served basis. (Limited seating is available.)

Call 734-662-6240 or email for a to register.

The class is at our office located at 1908 W. Stadium in Ann Arbor.